CSHA Region 5 English Western Program


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CSHA Region 5 English Western Program?

  • The English Western program exists as an affordable way for you to compete, to encourage participation in equestrian activities, to develop horsemastership and sportsmanship regardless of breed preference.

What steps must I take to become a competitor in the English Western Program?
  • Become a member of CSHA.
  • Join directly or through the many CSHA member clubs in our region.
  • Register as a competitor in the English Western Program by completing the enrollment form.
  • Apply for an amateur card if you are 18 years or older and wish to compete in the amateur divisions.

What is an amateur card and why do I need one?
  • CSHA requires competitors 18 years and older to certify that they are competing as an amateur.
  • Competitors wanting to compete in any of the following age divisions, 18 & over, 18 to 34 or 35 & over,  are required to possess a current amateur card issued by CSHA or by a nationally recognized breed or association (AQHA, APHA, USEF, etc.)
  • You are not required to obtain an amateur card in order to compete, but without one you will be limited to the Open Division only.

What is the definition of an amateur?
  • Exhibitor is 18 years of age or older and has not received remuneration, monetary or otherwise, either directly or indirectly, for the previous 3 years for training, riding instruction, showing or judging horses. (WCHS Rule Book Section 1.4)

My Horse is not registered, can I still compete?
  • CSHA is an open breed organization.
  • Your horse does not have to be a registered breed in order to compete.

How does the High Point Program works?
  • You must compete in a minimum of 3 CSHA sanctioned shows.
  • The champion and reserve champions in each age division will be determined by the competitors with the highest point scores of 7 approved shows.
  • The high point program will also establish the top 10 riders in each age divisions who will then be invited to compete representing our region at the State Championship Show.

Which shows am I allowed to attend?
  • Only CSHA sanctioned shows will count towards points.
  • Shows are approved on a statewide basis.
  • You may attend any of the shows on the approved list.

How do I find which shows are sanctioned by CSHA?
  • CSHA maintains a calendar of approved shows on it's website.
  • Look for the show calendar link for the most current listing of approved shows.

How do I qualify to compete at the State Championship Show?
  • You must compete in a minimum of 3 CSHA sanctioned shows.
  • You must rank in the top 10 in your age division for our region.
  • You will then be invited to compete at the State Championship Show against the top 10 riders from other regions to determine the state champions.

I am ready to show, where do I begin?
  • Download the Check List on the Forms Page.
  • It will lead you step by step on the necessary forms that you will need.
  • Go to the Show Calendar page on the CSHA website.
  • It will list the sanctioned shows that will count for points.

How do I receive more information about the English Western program?
  • Contact George Yamamoto, the Region 5 English Western program chair, by email at region5ew@comcast.net or by phone at (925) 754-4141

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